We invite you to take experimental course on world and Belarusian arts

The course Arts: Life or Performance is an experimental programme for those who want to understand arts, improve their cultural level, broaden horizons and communicate with interesting people.

During this course, we offer to learn how to :

  • Attend exhibitions properly and with interest;
  • Navigate over cultural epochs
  • Keep up conversations on various art topics;
  • Understand the work and structure of the modern art market; and
  •  Discuss the most interesting and original works, phenomena and epochs in the Belarusian culture and arts

The main goal is to give the audience an idea of the reasons and conditions for the formation of traditions in art; and their impact on the modern way of life not only in the cultural, but also in the economic spheres.

Forms of classes are: lectures (main), topic discussions, film watching, excursions, meetings with artists and art dinners.

The training takes place once a week on Fridays at 6 p.m. at our office in the centre, in the Minsk galleries; art dinners are planned at cafes

Approximate range of course topics are:

  • Historical monuments and art objects of Ancient Greece as contemporary cultural venues;
  • The links between the culture of Byzantium and the culture and history of the Belarusian gentry;
  • The Renaissance in art and culture today;
  • What contemporary art is, and why it is always revolutionary;
  • Fashion and art;
  • Brands of Belarusian culture and art in various types and genres;
  • The structure and principles of the modern art market; collectors and art dealers; and

Colour perception, colours in the culture of different nations

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